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Teal Simba

13in With Scale AR Constellation Light Embossed Globe Satellite

13in With Scale AR Constellation Light Embossed Globe Satellite

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1. Using non-toxic environmental protection materials, safe and reliable
2. Wooden base, stylish and elegant, wear-resistant and colorfast,
3. The surface has a concave and convex three-dimensional sense, and the mountain area is uplifted
4. Bracket with scale scale, Angle more convenient
5. Separate USB interface, independent light switch
6. School supplies are also eye-protecting lamps, showing 88 constellations to light up the night sky for children
7. AR interactive and interesting teaching. A comprehensive display of the world's countries, famous buildings, animals, dinosaurs and other knowledge.
8. Versatility.You can be used for classroom teaching, children's enlightenment, office decoration, home display, etc

1. Material: Impact Resistant Polystyrene Ball, P2 Density Board Base
2. Sphere Diameter: 11.81 In /30 Cm
3. Overall Diameter: 12.59in /32cm
4. Color: Dark Blue
5. Function: AR, Constellation Lamp
6. Rotation Angle: 360 Degrees
7. Weight: 4.62lb / 2.1kg

Package Includes:
1 x Globe  
1 x USB Data Line  
1 x AR Manual  
1 x Constellation Manual

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