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Teal Cronus

Deadly Nightshade mini skull wax melts goth pagan wicca witch

Deadly Nightshade mini skull wax melts goth pagan wicca witch

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Deadly Nightshade mini skull wax melts.

combination of Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Lavender and Vanilla

Deadly Nightshade … will you die for love?
Also known as belladonna
Belladonna has also been thought to be one of the main ingredients of witch’s flying potions

Not actually deadly.

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These are made from para-soy wax. There are 12 skulls in each package.
They are packaged in polypropylene bags so that the bags don't suck out the fragrance of your melts.

These make awesome gifts.

These are also great little packs to mix and match your own scents into your warmers

If you know you live in a hot area or your package may be left outside a while there is an option to purchase and ice pack to protect your purchases on another listing.

Sample pack contains 1 skull which is enough to sniff to see if you enjoy it. Please note if you only order the .25 cent sample I will not ship it in a box so it may arrive crushed. The boxes cost to much for me to do that. Everything else is shipped in a protective box.
60 Packs contain 60 individual skulls.

Remove packaging before use.
Use only in warmers approved for wax melts. Keep out of reach of children and pets. NOT edible. Do NOT add water. It is your responsibility to use your wax melts safely and responsibly.
Rebel Potions is not responsible for injuries or accidents

Please note each batch is different in appearance which means what you receive may not be exactly like what is pictured here. I try to take several pictures to show this.

I get asked if these can be used in Scentsy warmers. The answer is yes, you can use these in any wax warmer. However for a stronger scent (in my own experience) Warmers with bulbs do not put off as much scent. I prefer the ones that just plug in and heat up the plates.

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