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Teal Cronus

Hecate Goddess press on nails

Hecate Goddess press on nails

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set of 24 Hecate themed press on stiletto, coffin, or short nails

Nail kit can be purchased as well which includes, glue stickers, liquid glue, buffer pad, nail file, and alcohol pads and a cuticle pusher

May not be exactly like pictured since I make each set by hand but they remain very similar

I do not make sized sets because there's 2 of each size in my boxes.
Which also means if you don't like the curse word nails you could just choose others and not wear them or give the other sizes to a friend

These are NOT gel nails which means if you try to soak them off in remover you may ruin them

Please know I am half blind and the nails are not going to be perfect. Please find an actual nail shop if you want them perfect. I just do this for fun because it relaxes me, and nails can be expensive. This is a cheaper option for those not looking for anything to fancy.

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