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Amber Phanes

Contemporary Chakra Crystal Set | Goddess Provisions

Contemporary Chakra Crystal Set | Goddess Provisions

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Give your chakras the ultimate reset with this dreamy set which includes a Pastel Rainbow Chakra Wand and Modern Pastel Chakra Crystal Set.

✨Pastel Rainbow Chakra Wand
Use this pointed wand for energy work with the unified powers of:

⚪ clear quartz
💜 amethyst
💙 angelite
💚 green aventurine
💛 yellow aventurine
🧡 sunstone
❤️ rose quartz

It's the perfect tool to balance and align your chakras!

✨Modern Pastel Chakra Crystal Set
Includes 7 beautifully engraved stones, one for each chakra. One side has traditional chakra symbols and the other side feature modern re-imaginings to represent each chakra.

Crown Chakra - clear quartz
Third Eye Chakra - amethyst
Throat Chakra - angelite
Heart Chakra - green aventurine
Solar PlexusChakra - golden quartz
Sacral Chakra - sunstone
Root Chakra - rose quartz

How to Use Your Chakra Crystals:

  • Add all or some of the crystals to your altar
  • Ask for guidance by pulling a crystal from the bag, then read the mantra and guidance out loud
  • Ask yourself “Which chakra do I need to focus on balancing?” and pull a crystal
  • Ask yourself “Which chakra is most dominant right now” and pull a crystal
  • Carry one or more with you depending on which chakra you want to balance or strengthen
  • Hold the crystals in your hands or place them along your body during meditation

Each stone measures approximately 1.25” wide. The stones come in a velvet bag and an accompanying guidebook with all of the information you'll need to get started!

Learn more about the chakras here

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