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Sapphire Aion

Stay Wild Moon Child - Celestial Mug Set + Natural Amethyst Tea

Stay Wild Moon Child - Celestial Mug Set + Natural Amethyst Tea

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 Enjoying your favorite morning coffee, tea, or evening cocoa will be your new fave ritual with this enchanted galaxy mug. ✨

Fall in love with the iridescent highlights and gold accents that sparkle like the night sky.

This mug set comes with a natural Amethyst tea steeper and Amethyst Crystal coffee spoon so you can amplify your intentions with the energetic power of Amethyst while you stir. 

The wide mug style makes it perfect to dip your toes into the world of Tasseography (Tea Leaf reading). This Mug Set comes with a Free E-book download that will introduce you to the world of reading tea leaves. Reading tea leaves is a powerful divination tool. Reflect on a question as you sip. whether you are just learning how to read tea leaves or you just want a mug filled with magic, this set will take your breath away. 

This large 500 ML mug can be used to hold moon water, store your crystals or enjoy your favourite beverage. 

This mug is a tribute to the magic of the night sky and it's luminescent companion, the Moon. It makes the perfect gift for any spiritual soul 


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