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Fuchsia Molly

Tarot Deer wax Seal Stamp /journal decor wax seal Stamp

Tarot Deer wax Seal Stamp /journal decor wax seal Stamp

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Made of quality brass head with removable rosewood handle. It has good touch feeling, and can easily make beautifully detailed wax imprints.

Perfect for wedding, baby shower, birthday party, any holiday events or daily use. Ideal for decorating envelopes, invitations, postcards, snail mail, wine packages, gift wrapping, etc.

Stamp diameter: 1inch / 2.5cm

Personalized stamp please contact or leave a message

Personalized wax seal stamp can be any logo/signature/initials/design.

One set in a gift box

Package includes:

1 x Wax Stamp

1 x Wax Melting Spoon

2 x Eco-friendly White Wax

3 x Sealing Wax Stick (Gold, Silver, Red)

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