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Lilac Trillium

Unscented Natural Wax Candles

Unscented Natural Wax Candles

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Our unscented natural candles are the perfect match for those who love the ambiance of a candle but want no fragrance. Some may be intolerant to the fragrances in candles and suffer allergies or headaches from the scents added to the wax.

These unscented candles are the solution with our blend of coconut, rapeseed and soy wax in a beautiful vessel. Natural waxes are clean burning and do not release toxins. Our wicks are eco-friendly, lead free, non-toxic, paraffin free, organic cotton wicks with no zinc or metal. Smokeless and slow-burning.

  • Only cruelty free and eco friendly ingredients used.
  • Hand-poured in England.
  • Approximate burn time 40 hours (black tin), 50 hours (gold) and 4 hours (tealights).

While our scented candles are vegan, cruelty-free and phthalate-free, they may contain allergens which may trigger symptoms for some, making an unscented candle the perfect alternative to still give a warm glow and ambience to your evenings.

Please note that soy and coconut wax have a faint distinct scent of their own, and may release a small amount of their own fragrance.

We may still include a small wax melt as a free gift with your order (can also be used as a drawer scent!) but this will not impact the clean scent and burn of your candle.

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