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Brown Medea

Witch Hat 'Black Magic'

Witch Hat 'Black Magic'

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Witch Hat 'Black Magic'

Our unique witch hat is a perfect addition to your Halloween and carnival costume!

Looking for the perfect accessory for your child's Halloween or carnival costume? Our witch hat for children is a smart choice. Made from high-quality materials, this hat will not only impress with its appearance but also serve for many years.

Costumes are essential for plays, performances, costume parties, birthdays, and many photoshoots.

A hat is a must-have for playing as a witch, wizard, magician, at a masquerade ball, and on Halloween, in short, it is indispensable for embodying so many characters! You won't want to take it off!

Magic doesn't come from nowhere; all fairies and wizards know that. Mysterious spells require appropriate equipment, magical cloaks, crowns, hats, and the right wands. Each land has its own rules of magic, so it's worth being prepared for all occasions.

Witch Hat 'Black Magic'

The hat is made of soft velvet. Made in the classic witch style, with a characteristic pointed tip and a wide brim. This way, your child will look like a real witch or wizard, ready for divination and spells!

Key features of the "Black Magic" witch hat:

  • excellent quality materials: it is made from durable and safe materials that are soft to the touch and do not irritate the child's skin. This ensures that your child will feel comfortable and confident wearing it for long hour
  • our hat will work perfectly not only during Halloween or carnival but also for various other occasions, such as school performances, themed parties, or photoshoots
  • the quality of our materials guarantees that this hat will serve for years, becoming an unforgettable part of many fun moments and memories

Characteristics of the "Black Magic" witch hat:

  • material: 100% velvet
  • washing temperature: up to 30°C
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